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Skill Acquisition Programs

Our organization empowers single mothers through various skill acquisitions, such as; baking, catering, fashion designing , hair dressing, bead making, ankara crafts and accessories etc.

Humanitarian Service

We donate to poor single mothers in rural areas to start a small business. We also encourage them by giving then zero percent loans and other philanthropic gestures.

Protection of Women Rights

We frown at all kind of discriminatory practices against women. Wife battery is on the increase, which is not acceptable in a civilized society.

Public Enlightenment

We periodically organize seminars, workshops and conferences to re-educate single mothers on the need to further their Health awareness, child guidance and education, how to cope as an independent woman, in a technological advance world of today.

RFF also use talk shows to educate even the larger society on the need for peaceful family co-existence.

This is the reason we partner with the media in Nation Building and Development, since the Nation Building and Media are indispensible tools towards realization of our goals.


Our emphasis is more on education. According to Rev. Rowland Chukwuemeka Uwakwe (P.Hd) a renowned psychologist, he asserts; “The twenty first century illiterate is not she who cannot read and write, but she, who cannot learn, re-learn and un-learn”.

We re-educate, re-learn and un-learn to keep up with the realities of this Aquarian age. Education is the key to opportunities. We also try to leverage the gap between the aristocratic women and the less privileged ones through education.


We are motivated by the high level and daily increase in number of single mothers in our society.

This should call for concern, because every problem in the society, from wars to terrorism, bad governance, ill policies have their direct negative impact on women. Obnoxious traditions affects women more in African society and the most vulnerable are the single mothers.

This is why we have become a voice to the voiceless single mothers. This organization believes that, with little concern and encouragement especially to single mothers in the rural communities, our society will be a better place. Abraham Lincoln’s Mom was a single mother.

She will wake Abraham Lincoln up in their cabin at the middle of the night and says “Abram, be somebody” and he became one of best minds to have graced this earth. Together, we can make a different.


Our activities range from promoting and preserving peaceful family co-existence, Human Rights Education for women with the knowledge of international conventions and treaties for gender equality to professional developmental activities and strategic partnership with agencies and governments that have the same objectives with us.

We analyze the impact of values and teaching to SINGLE MOTHERS to ensure that positivity reflects best practices in educational environment. Our experts ensure that Single Mothers have the ability to develop the highest impact in skill aquisation and education to its highest altitude.

One of our core values are transparency and critical thinking, since we believe that Human Rights Education belong to everyone and that the full realization of Women’s Rights means that access to Human Rights Education must never be conditioned upon the subscription to any particular religious faith, ideology, political afflation etc.

The challenges that arises from our society is as a result of growing numbers of single parenthood because of that, we view this from a holistic approach of 21st century reality, while linking to various traditions. We systematically solve the issues by empowering them with knowledge of artificial intelligences, digitization and robotization.RFF respond swiftly to challenges confronting the global economy by understanding the Sustainable Development Goals( SDGs) and digital economy and other frontier issues of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) a moment of epiphany.

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