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The power of Science, Technology and innovative cannot be over emphasized, because that is the bane of civilization and realization of preservation and enjoyment of all people to protect our lovely plant from collapse.

We adhere to the drive and progress towards the ambitious United Nations 2030 agenda Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We use philanthropy to increase rural community involvement and open economic opportunities through healthcare and education for single mothers especially.

The barometer of a Community’s Society’s Healthcare system is as a result of its prestige on Healthcare System for its rural dwellers. We work hard and smart with our Healthcare partners to increase overall impact, by ensuring that our members and every single mother in their particular community have the best possible opportunities to live a healthy live.

Our desire and goal is to make sure that every single mother strives for educational excellence, by educating them to make right decisions for the sake of their respective families, this is our priority. Every effort we make in educational space is with a deep sense of urgency and commitment, for them to think creatively and independently.

Our Educational and Humanitarian project certainly helps single mothers have immeasurable positive impact and also create meaningful and transformative solution by addressing the major cause(s) and shortcomings in single Mother’s Educational and emotional life. We give proper guidance on vital issues, such as; how to take a progressive decision for her family, since she is the father / mother of the home.

We develop them in the field of Economy, Social and Cultural Rights, with particular focus on justifiability at the local, National regional and International level. We draw a wealth of materials and knowledge from across the globe in order to analyze existing  institutionalize practices of interpretation and implication of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and focus on how to effectively strategize and impact positive the single mothers, in our society.

The current efforts of the Federal Government to drive economic growth cannot yield needed result without conscious efforts to harness the potentials in it micro segment of the business sector. This realization birthed the various programmes by the Central Bank of Nigeria and other Governmental Agencies to empower Small Scale and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through provision at micro-credit. The larger numbers of the people to drive the economy within the thinking of the Federal Government are the single mothers.

They cater for their families; this is why we decided to help to contribute our quota to cushion the effect of poverty in the society. Rosa fablane foundation gives small loans to single mothers to enable them realize their full potentials in the rural areas.


Bank Name: Access Bank

Account No : 0777400135.

Account Name: Rosa Fablane Foundation.

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