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ROSA FABLANE FOUNDATION is a Non-Profit making organization duly registered with Corporate Affairs Commission founded on altruistic principle to provide succor for single mothers in our society.


Skill Acquisition Programs

Our organization empowers single mothers through various skill acquisitions, such as: baking,fashion designing , hair dressing. making of beads etc.

Humanitarian Service

We donate to poor single mothers in rural areas to start a small business. We also encourage them by giving them zero percent loans and other philanthropic gestures.

Public Enlightenment

We periodically organize seminars, workshops and conferences to re-educate single mothers on child guidance,how to remarry, the need to further their education and how to cope as an independent woman in a technological advanced world of today.


We are motivated by the high level and daily increase in number of single mothers in our society.

This should call for concern, because every problem in the society, from wars to terrorism, bad governance, ill policies have their direct negative impact on women.

Obnoxious traditions affects women more in African society and the most vulnerable are the single mothers.

This is why we have become a voice to the voiceless single mothers. This organization believes that, with little concern and encouragement especially to single mothers in the rural communities, our society will be a better place.

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