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is a Non-Profit making organization duly registered with Corporate Affairs Commission founded on altruistic principle to provide succor for single mothers in our society.
We are committed in ensuring equitable, prosperous and egalitarian society. RFF believes in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) otherwise known as Global Goals. This is a universal call to action to end poverty, protect our planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Rosa fablane foundation surmounts insurmountable challenges to keep the ship afloat by helping single mothers with proper counseling and empowerment on how to start a new life, make more money, acquire skills and create job opportunities.

We give professional guidance on health issues, sexual harassment etc. We are making frantic efforts to give them Financial Independence and Emotional Competencies.

Rosa Fablane foundation share our experiences with other single mothers so that we can learn and forgive the past, with renewed vigor for the future.

RFF is building a network at sustainable Human Development for single mothers.

The increase in number of single mothers globally is mind boggling. This is happening because of terrorism, where our husbands are killed, high level of crime in our society, unemployment which put our husbands in low life expectancy rate and other factors that are likely to bring, separation, divorce, unwanted pregnancies etc. The brunt of all the wars, terrorism, bad governances, crimes etc are on the woman, this negative factors affects the home front and the most vulnerable in this reality are woman, this unfavorable circumstances turn them term them into single mothers.

We are linking Local Traditions, Cultural Diversity and Values with modernity of single motherhood, For Peaceful Family Co-existence.

The high level of crime and other vices that are popping up mostly has it’s root from broken homes.

The single mothers, invariably caters for the family and also plays fatherly roles, as well as mother’s roles.

This is a very tedious job when single mothers overstretch themselves to do the father / mother job.

We are aware that fathers play a very vital role in ensuring gender equality. This is our reason in making frantic efforts to ensure that broken homes are mended and those that lost their husbands surmounts the global challenges facing the global economy.

Our major objective, is to unlock the great potentials of single mothers in urban and rural places in our society.


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